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What you want ...

You want the perfect wedding day. You want the beauty and emotion of that day captured in a way that leaves you breathless. You want professionals that will help you get those moments just right. You want an intimate experience where you feel taken care of and supported from beginning to end. You don’t want you to be hassled with add-ons, fees, and complicated package schemes.

If this describes you, read on to learn just how you can have all of this and more. We don’t promise you the world, but we promise to photograph your wedding day passionately and professionally. With our help, the beauty, emotion, and love of your special day will be yours for a lifetime to come.


One photographer simply isn’t enough to capture your wedding day. One photographer will miss the shots of your fiancé getting ready, because they’ll be with you. One photographer will miss photographing your guests at the cocktail hour, because they’re taking your family pictures. One photographer will simply not be enough. They can’t be in two places at once. With one photographer, you’ll simply have to pick what you’d rather miss.

Having two main photographers is not the same as having a main photographer and their assistant. You saw the photographer’s portfolio, you’ve read their reviews, and you’ve met and spoken with them. Unless you’ve done all of that with their assistant as well, you are gambling with your big day. Even having done all of that, an assistant simply may not be invested in you.

When you choose us, you choose a husband and wife team. You choose a duo that has worked together to create the portfolio and galleries you’ve seen. The same couple that you met will be the very same couple that will be there to capture your wedding day passionately and professionally.


You may not be satisfied with just a few prints to put in an album. You want to share your pictures with the world on Facebook and Twitter, by e-mail, and even send slideshows.

Your gallery on our website will have all of this and more. Share your pictures with family and friends on all of your favorite social media sites with our built-in “Share” button.

You may already be organizing the vision for your wedding day on Pinterest. Follow us, just click the icon at the top, and we will follow you back. We’ll keep up with your wedding boards and make sure we communicate about your vision for your wedding.


You need to have your wedding day images to keep. You want to put them on all of your digital devices. Decades from now when all of the prints have faded and the albums lost, you want to be able to have those beautiful memories in their original high-resolution format.

You certainly want to be able to print your own images for the present and the future. To do this you’ll want the printing rights to go along with your high-resolution images.

When you choose us, you choose to get your high-resolution images, with printing rights.

Baby, I got it!

You don’t have to deal with packages, add-ons, and hidden fees. What you get is one simple price that includes an engagement session, Sam and Jen as your wedding day photographers, our powerful feature-rich website gallery, your high-resolution images, and the printing rights to those images.

Our wedding investment starts at $3,900. We look forward to sitting down with you and being a part of your wedding day. Schedule an appointment with us today! Click the Contact Us link and tell us when you want to meet!
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