It's been a long time since I've written to you all. I'm going to try to be better about that. Life is starting to settle. Theodore is *almost* sleeping consistently through the night, which means that mama is *almost* consistently sleeping through the night, too - which, you know I've missed. It really is amazing how well we learn to adjust to living while sleep deprived. I know my fellow mamas hear me on this one. It's a small cost compared to the joy that Theodore brings. 

Adjusting to motherhood has been an adventure. For those of you that don't know, Theodore is Sam and my miracle baby, after 6 years, IVF, and a lot of prayer, he came into our lives on the Fourth of July, 2018. He was born during the fireworks because that child likes to make an entrance. He broke my water while I was home, getting ready to eat some cookout. When I called the hospital because their was meconium in my water, there was no time to waste. He broke my water around 6pm and was born via csection by the time the fireworks started booming. I never got to eat that cookout. (I didn't actually eat anything until the next morning.) 

Having Theodore has been completely life-changing. If you've had a child, maybe you'll back me up on this one: there has not been a single aspect of my life that he has not transformed. Motherhood changes you. I'm still me: a more full, joyful, loving version of myself. I still love what I did before. I still jump at a good flight deal. I still steal away to my favorite museums whenever I can. I still blast 1940's jazz around the house (just not during nap time). I still love going to concerts and performances. I still work in my art studio and make pottery. I still shoot and edit all of your lovely images. I am still myself. Motherhood, simply, has grown my heart in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Having my son stretched my heart (and my belly) to a capacity beyond what I knew I was capable of. He still sits on my lap for those flights. He sleeps or points at the colors while I stroll through the museums. He claps his hands and wiggles when I play my jazz. He rocks his awesome noise canceling headphones when it's a little loud. I have more handprints and footprints than most folks. He's even had my back on a couple shoots (because being on my back is his favorite place to be while I'm working). 

I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have this messy, busy, full life, and to share it with Sam, Theodore, and our family. So right now, I'm living in the joyful chaos of being mama to a nearly-nine-month-old. It's wild, messy, and involves more laundry than I ever knew a little person could make, but it is the greatest gift of my life. Here's to Theodore, to Spring, and to the newness of life that they bring! 

Theodore's Birth

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