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Maureen & Jon's Wedding at Musket Ridge Golf Club

Maureen and Jon are so incredibly sweet. They share those glances that speak volumes of love and deep respect and adoration of one another. Although Maureen is known for running a tight ship, with excel sheets for just about everything, we found her to be relaxed and comfortable on the big day; prepared but not stressed.

We had never been to Musket Ridge Golf Club before, and, if you haven't either, you need to go. The beautiful golf course backdropped by the gorgeous mountains creates a breathtaking view.

The days leading up to the wedding, the forecast was calling for having to move the wedding indoors, with about a 60% chance of rain just two days before the wedding. We arrived in Fredrick on Friday night, with the chances of rain still holding at about 40%. Then, sitting down with Maureen over breakfast, we found that it had dropped to just 20%. The funny part? We didn't see a single drop all day!

The outdoor wedding was absolutely spectacular, made even more special by the way Jon looked at Maureen as she walked down the isle. The outdoor patio was a comfortable retreat for anyone who wanted to take a break from dancing, and the dancing went to the very last second.

The Sparkler Send-Off was the perfect cap to a wonderful day. We wish Maureen and Jon happiness and all good things together.

If you're looking for more pictures, you can check out the full gallery.


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