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Kristina & Andrew's Engagement Session in Old Town Alexandria

We photographed a wedding a while back. We were at the chapel at Fort Meade and there was a very nice young lady who played the piano. I think she also helped us locate where the bride was getting ready before the ceremony.

Small world that it is, we come to sit down with a couple that had reached out to us, and we find ourselves across the table from Kristina, the piano player from that other wedding.

The funny part? She didn't remember us. But we have a knack from remembering faces.

So Kristina and Andrew wanted to go to Old Town Alexandria, and embarrassing as it may be, we had never found the time to stop into this amazing little spot in our own backyard. You can tell from the pictures how amazing of a time all four of us had exploring the water front, enjoying the lighthouse, and just soaking it all in.

Take a look and let us know what you think below in the comments or on Facebook.


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