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Tiane & Charles' Wedding

Tiane and Charles are the absolute sweetest. You can see their love as they smile and look at each other. And this was especially true on their big day (wait till you see how big Charles cheesed when he saw Tiane walk down the aisle!). 

The Asbury United Methodist Church wasn't just a location for them to wed, but rather it played a supporting role on the day of their wedding. Paula, the wedding coordinator, was an essential part of making sure the day went smoothly, that every stayed on schedule, and that everyone was where they were needed. The pastors were absolutely delightful and made sure that this was a truly special day.

The second part of the day was held at the Prince George's Ballroom. See for yourself, but the location, in our opinion, was a pleasure to photograph.

The most important part was the love felt throughout the day. You could feel it between Tiane and Charles, between their parents, and between every guest. It was a resounding affirmation of the beauty of the day.


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