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The Dozer Family

We receive all kinds of requests for photography, but this one in particular hit a chord with us. MeiLee reached out to us to see if we could help her with a family portrait. We were ecstatic to help them create lasting images that they could look to for joy for generations to come. 

With family being in town from Hawaii and Tennessee, we were fired up to help. MeiLee's dad had turned 90, the family was all in town, and this would be our chance to get some amazing images for them. But the weather was not cooperative.

Luckily for all of us, their local church was willing to help. This is the same church where MeiLee's father had married his beautiful bride so many years ago. It was the perfect place to create some new family memories while remembering that wonderful women.

We can't put into words how happy we are to have been a part of creating these beautiful images for them. Take a look and enjoy!


On a technical note, the church, as is often the case with churches, was very dark by photography standards. Even with the lights turned on, there were harsh shadows everywhere. To further complicate things, because so many people were in each shot, we needed a slightly wider depth of field, which of course means even less light getting in. 

We ended up going with a two flash setup. One SB-900 set on slave was put on the bannister leading up to the altar, and the other stayed on the D4. The flash on the bannister was a bit closer and stronger, while the one on the camera was used primarily as a fill. 

Generally, we were on 800-1600 iso, f/ 3.5, and the 24-70m serving its role as the workhorse lens.

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