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Lauren & Joe's Wedding at The Baltimore Museum of Industry

Lauren and Joe are such a sweet couple. You can see it in how well they compliment each other's personalities, and you can feel it in their interactions with each others and those around them.

Their wedding was a rainy one. But that didn't stop them, or us, from making it an amazing and memorable big day!

The wedding was held at the Baltimore Basilica. If you've never visited, you need to go and have a look. It's absolutely gorgeous and, we didn't know until very recently, is America's very first Cathedral. 

The big question after the ceremony was whether to brave the rain. Lauren and Joe didn't even flinch. Yes, we would brave the rain. We would enjoy what Baltimore has to offer. And we wouldn't be hindered.

So after a few quick stops, we ended up at the top of Federal Hill, with the rain coming down, overlooking the Inner Harbor. We don't know how you feel about them, but we love these pictures!

Now, this day would not be complete without a unique location for this unique couple's reception. The Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI) is such an incredibly unique place. Housing  huge variety of industrial museum pieces, they also offer event hosting. It was very cool being able to walk around and enjoy all the BMI had to offer.

We won't keep you waiting any longer. If you want more, you can to the full gallery.

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Ps: The folks over at Rouge Catering, we're looking at you Jordan, were such a delight to work with. The food was mouth-watering and the cupcakes were too good to pass up. Thank you for all of your help!

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