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Alex & David's Wedding at the Naval Academy

Alex & David. The problem is that whatever we say won't be enough to describe the reality of it. They're in love, but that's not quite enough. They look at each other and smile uncontrollably. Their love is genuine and deep. Their faith is strong. We're not even going to try and put words to it. And most of all? They're so fun and upbeat. If you've met Alex, for even a few minutes, or both of them together, you'll know how much the word 'upbeat' simply can't capture it. They make you feel lighter and more cheerful just being around them.

Alex and David were married at the Naval Academy 'Chapel' in Annapolis, Maryland. David is a Navy Officer and is on his way to becoming a pilot, he was also on the Men's Soccer Team. When you scroll down, it'll become obvious why Chapel is in quotes. It's not our first time at the Naval Academy, but the Chapel, especially on the inside, still takes our breath away. Before we start snapping away, they're a minute of just looking up and around gazing at its beauty. They also had special permission to use the Superintendent's Garden, a beautiful location just around the corner inside the Naval Academy.

The reception is where it got a bit more adventurous. Alex and David really wanted to their guests to enjoy the reception. They didn't want everyone to show up and sit through hours of speeches, they wanted everyone to have a blast. So the reception was informal. Guests were given time, and encouraged, to go and change into something more comfortable. In the meantime, we took Alex and David down to the Statehouse and water to snap away some amazing images.

The reception was held at Hemlock Farm in Edgewater, partly indoor, under a great wide tent, and partly outdoor. The grill was fired up, the cornhole, frisbees, and croquet were laid out. It's safe to say that Alex and David achieved their goal. Everyone at the reception, from the young to the old and everyone in between, was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

So much happened at this wedding that it's hard to keep it brief (so that you can get to the pictures already!). We love that David's dad, a minister, presided over the wedding ceremony. It was truly special watching as he brought his son and new daughter together in marriage. How about Alex's mom, and her best friends, putting together everything for the reception? You have to check out the detail shots, because that wonderful lady did an amazing job. The soccer team was absolutely out of control in the best of ways. The MC's had the crowd laughing so hard a few people nearly fell out of their seats!

So without further ado, we present you with some of our favorite images from this amazing wedding. If you want more, you can head to the full gallery and see all of the pictures (be forewarned, there are many many pictures, so you should free up your schedule).

We'd love to hear your comments, thoughts, and favorite moments/pictures below or on our Facebook page.


Special thanks to Claire at the Naval Academy for all her help.

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