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Pauline & Chris' Wedding

What can we say about Pauline & Chris that isn't evident in the pictures below? You can see how beautiful and laid back they are. You can see their sense of style and love for one another. You can plainly see the love they share with their families. Their faith is prominently displayed. As members of the U.S. Military; Chris a Marine Sergeant, Designated Marksman Section Leader; and Pauline, an Air Force Second Lieutenant in the Air National Guard, they serve our great country proudly, and celebrated the union of their own diverse cultures: American, Mexican, and Egyptian. On top of all of that, they're just a complete blast to be around!

If you haven't already checked out their sunrise engagement session at the monuments in Washington, D.C., you should definitely do that!

Their wedding ceremony was held at St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church (Who/What is a Coptic Orthodox Christian ; Details of a Coptic Orthodox Wedding Ceremony). The church is gorgeous, with beautiful colors reflected in the tapestries, icons, and other artwork. We never tire of seeing the Marine uniform and the beautiful Arch of Sabers. You also can't miss Pauline's Mini dressed up as the getaway car.

The reception was held at the Algonkian Regional Park, which hosts beautiful scenery, a golf course, and an abundance of deer to top it off. The reception hall was beautiful, but the pictures of Pauline and Chris out on the green really made it spectacular. We even had some time to sneak in some yoga for these two twin flames!

This wedding had an amazing trio of DJ's, The Handsmiths, that played drums and bongos. They also led a zafa, which is a procession to the dance floor with dancing and drums. Let us say this: the bride and groom took their dancing very seriously! We've never witnessed another couple that danced as long and as hard as Pauline and Chris.

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Ps: If you'd love to see even more of this beautiful couple, head on over to their full wedding gallery.

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