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Amanda & Travis' Wedding in Baltimore

Amanda and Travis are an incredibly sweet couple, although they can be quite shy at times. We always take special care to pick our clients as carefully as they choose us, and we had no hesitation in taking Amanda and Travis on. Their love was evident, their smiles genuine, and their joy apparent. 

If you haven't already seen their engagement session, you really need to go take a look!

Their wedding ceremony was held at Grace Methodist Church which, as you'll see below, is absolutely beautiful. Jen has a deep love for stained glass windows, and this amazing church did not disappoint with their massive stained glass window above the altar. The staff was very generous in providing rooms for Amanda, Travis, their bridal party, and their family to finish getting ready and prepare for the ceremony.

Let's talk a little bit about the reception. Have you ever walked along the inner harbor and thought how amazing the view would be from one of the tall buildings? The Center Club provides just that. Situated on 15th and 16th floors, it has stunning panoramic views of the inner harbor and much of Baltimore. The pictures tell a much better story, but stunning is probably an understatement.

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures below. You can check out their gallery for the full wedding album.

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