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Becky & Kyle's Wedding at Belmont Manor

Becky and Kyle came to us in March. They told us they were getting married at Belmont Manor, right down the road from us in Elkridge, and that they loved our work. In siting down down with Becky and her parents at that first meeting, we immediately clicked. It was evident to us that while they were incredibly serious about this big day, they were equally down-to-earth. They wanted not only to enjoy the day, but to make sure that their guests had a wonderful time.

As you scroll down, if you haven't already (sneaky you!), you'll see what we mean. From cornhole to frisbees, this day was not a spectator event. Becky and Kyle took it upon themselves to include all of their guests. One of our favorite moments, shortly after Kyle gave a toast and thanked all of their friends and family for joining them on their big day, Becky did something we have never seen before: she invited all of their guests to join them the following day at their church. Becky and Kyle didn't want their guests to come, drink, eat, and go home. They wanted their guests to really take part in their lives, going as far as asking all of them to hold them accountable for the vows they made to each other that day.

Be warned, you may not get anything else done with your day!

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